Morning Service

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Sunday, September 13th, 2020 Morning Service

"The Matter of Kingship"
 I Samuel 10:1-27

Convictions We Hold as we Study the Bible
1. The Nature of the Bible
    2. The Unity of the Bible
    3. The Necessity of the Bible
    4. The Subject of the Bible

I. Private Anointing                                         (vv.1-17)
    A. The Scene                                                      (v.1)
    B. The Signs                                                   (vv.2-8)
    C. The Significance                                        (vv.9-17)

II. Public Announcement                               (vv.18-27)
    A. The Setting                                             (vv.17-18)
    B. The Selection                                          (vv.19-24)
    C. the Significance                                       (vv.25-27)

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