Morning Service

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Sunday, November 3rd, 2019 Morning Service

"Our Father's Goodness"
 James 1:17-18

I. God is (Good)
A. His (Works) are perfect
    B . His (Ways) are perfect
    C. His (Word) is perfect

II. God is (Giving)
    A. A (Compassionate) Heart!
    B. A (Forgiving) Heart!
    C. An (Understanding) Heart!

III. God is (Gracious)!
    A. Let Go of Your (Wrongs)
        How? (Confession)
    B. Let Go of Your (Wounds)
        How? (Forgiveness)
    C. Let Go of Your (Worries)
        How? (Prayer)

Our (God) is  (good) and in (Absolute Control) of (Everything)!!

Rev. John Hassert

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