Morning Service

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Sunday, May 24th, 2020 Morning Service

Series: "Hearing God Speak"
Sermon: Mercy, Judgement, and Hope
I Samuel 2:27-36

I. God's Mercy Spurned                                (vv.27-29)
    Three Questions and One Statement
 Question #1: Didn't I reveal myself to your father's family?
 Question #2: Didn't I choose your family out of all the 
                     tribes of Israel to be My priests?
 Statement #1: I gave your father's family all the fire
 Question #3: Why then, did you despise my sacrifices
                     and offerings that I require?

II. God's Judgment Announced                   (vv.30-34)
    A. Logical Progression                                    (v.30)
    B. Arms Cut Off                                              (v.31)
    C. See Distress                                              (v.32)
    D. All Descendants Will Die Violently          (vv.33-34)

III. God's Hope Assured                               (vv.35-36)

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