Morning Service

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Sunday, February 23rd, 2020 Morning Service

"Temptation and Doxology"
  Matthew 6:13

I. Praying (against) temptation
    A. The (illusion) of an (Enemy) -  less Christianity
    B. (Testing) vs. Temptation
          God tests us to (strengthen) us
          Satan tempts us to (destroy) us
    C. The (Anatomy) of Temptation
    D. The (Importance) of this Prayer
          1. Temptation is a (real), daily threat to our 
             (Fellowship) with Jesus
          2. We cannot (resist) temptation by our own power
          3. We need (endurance) in the battle against 

II. A Concluding (Doxology)
A. Doxologies are found throughout scripture
    B. Doxologies are an appropriate (response) to God's
        Salvation and Glory


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