Morning Service

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Sunday, December 13th, 2020 Morning Service

"Are You Ready for Christmas?"
 Genesis 6:1-7

 *In Genesis 3 and 4, we learn the impact of sin
    1. Sin Spoils
    2. Sin Spreads
    3. Sin Separates

 *in Genesis 4, you have a series of firsts
    1. First murder
    2. First lie
    3. First pity party
    4. First sexual sin
    5. First act of revenge

I. The Corruption of Humanity                             (6:5)
    A. Outwardly
    B. Inwardly
    C. Continually

II. The Just Judgement of God                 (6, 7, 13, 17)
    A. God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked
    B. God is not indifferent to our rebellion
    C. Cannot understand God's Mercy outside of his

III. The Provision of an Ark
    A. The Captain
    B. The Covenant
    C. The Herald
    D. The Bow

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