Morning Service

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Sunday, April 26th, 2020 Morning Service

Series: "Hearing God Speak"
"A Drunken Woman or a Devout Worshiper?"
 I Samuel 1:3-18

I. Back off to Shiloh Again                              (vv.3-8)
    A. Elkanah's Persistence                             (vv.3-5)
    B. Peninnah's Taunting                                  (vv.6-7)
    C. Hannah's Heartache                                     (vv.8)

II. Silent Prayer in the Sanctuary                  (vv.9-16)
    A. Hannah brings here life under God's Rule   (vv.9-11)
    B. Hannah's Prayer was Heartfelt                 (vv.12-16)

III. Looking More Like Herself                      (vv.17-18)

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