Morning Service

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First Baptist Church

208 South Church Street
Thomaston, Georgia 30286

Office (706) 647-7889
Fax (706) 646-4595
West Lee At Church Street

We maintiain a year of the Sunday Services. To view the listing of dates, Click the "Service Videos" button.

The Series, "Journey Through the Bible" is available for download or listening. The Series was captured from our Wednesday Night Services in 2010. 

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Church Service Videos

Welcome to the Media Pages

These people work hard to make the service available to those who can't attend...

Team Leaders:
Theo Miles-Team
Leader /Producer/Camera/Sound
Bill Westberry-Projection/Graphics/Sound
Otis Broom-Sound
Stan Pitts-Graphics/Sound
Zach Barber-Projection
Dan Bramlett-Camera
Kathleen Brown-Camera
David Colwell-Producer/Camera
Brent Franklin-Graphics

Ken Gaskins-Camera
Doug Gordon-Camera
Chris Hosey-Camera/Sound
Coy Kirkland-Projection
Charles Johnson-Producer/Camera
Ken Love-Camera
Brenda Mitcham-Producer
Frank Nunn-Sound
Lynwood Pressley-Sound
Ralph Warnock-Projection

Our MediaTeam Members